Traffic Departments, Drivers license and Car license renewals

Traffic Departments,


The traffic departments of South Africa are split into different branches, unfortunately they are all labeled as traffic departments even when they don’t always offer the same assistance.

You can’t apply for your driver’s license at a traffic department that only handles vehicle license disk renewals, and you can’t always pay fine speeding fines at the same place where you apply for a certificate of registration.

In this article we try to mention the purposes of the traffic departments. What you would do where and what services are available to you.

Before you can renew your driver’s license you need a vehicle, before you can buy a vehicle and put it to use, you need a driver’s license, before you are able to pass out for you license you need to pass your learners, That being said, let’s start right at the beginning, feel free to skip to a section relevant to your needs.

Book and Pass your Learners

Learners License also called K53 learners permit. This is your entry into the world of driving, it’s an A4 size page printed in a darker shade of green with your ID number, a ID photo and some information that allows…

Booking and preparing for your drivers test

Booking for Your Drivers Test. Here too, the booking procedure is very similar to the booking procedure for the learners test. The only thing to consider is that not all traffic test centers cater for motorbikes and code 10, code…

Traffic Department, Procedures and how they help you

Services available at traffic department.. As mentioned before, the road and transport industry managed by local government is departmentalized. You need to know where to go for a particular service. There isn’t a one stop shop for all your motoring…

Important services & applications not avalailable at the Traffic Department

Other services not available at the Drivers license or vehicle license Traffic departments. These are motoring related services that are not available at the traffic offices. Some of them include: Personalized number plates. To apply for a personalized…